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I love our pocket chart centre. For the first half of the year we had activities that focused on letters. Students would sort letters by uppercase and lowercase, straight lines and curvy lines, above the line and below the line, and whose name had the target letter in it. 

Now we are working on sight words. One of the best ways to do this is to use the books that they are reading in class. So here are the steps to making your reading pocket chart centre.

Step 1: Photocopy one of the class readers.


I originally stared with level A readers and add harder ones as I introduce them into my guided reading.

Step 2: Cut words out and tape to the picture.


You want to condense each part down to one page.

Step 3:Write out the text on a sentence strip


I write each sentence in a different colour. I also trace around the edges of the picture in the same colour. That way if they drop any of the words, they know what picture it goes along with,

Step 4: Cut up the sentence strip and place in ziploc bag with picture


Each picture will have its own bag. So in this bag it is the red picture with the red words. Other pages will be different colours. This is the best way I can think of keeping it organized and not getting everything mixed up.

Step 5: Put in the centre



I put each book in a different pouch. Students pick the book they want and do each page one by one. They remove the words but keep the picture in the bag (that way they don’t lose the bag). They put everything up on the pocket chart and use the words to make the sentence on the page. When they finish they go onto the next page. The books I used it didn’t matter what order the pages were in, as they made sense in any order. With higher level books you might need to write numbers on them to show the order of the pages.

We do a whole lesson on how to use the centre, and most importantly how to put it away. It works pretty well for keeping them organized, and the rare time things get all mixed up it is really easy to fix by just matching the colours.

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