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We are now nearing the end of the year, which means the students can do a lot more. I always find it so amazing that they come in not knowing the french language at all and by the end of the year they can speak, read and write in French.  Our literacy centres are now focusing more on sight words than letters and sounds.

Write, Stamp and Decorate


Students will pick a sight word and then they will write it, stamp it, and then decorate it (write it again using different colours).

Get this activity here.

Sight word Hockey


I got this box at Christmas time. It was filled with candy cane shaped as hockey sticks. I cut out the goalie net and wrote down sight words on all those bottle tops I have been saving over the years. Student pick a word, say it out loud and try to make a goal. This one is a big hit.

Silly Sentences


I originally got these vocabulary cards from here, and I translated them to french. Students have 3 baskets. One with the students names, one with the five senses, and one with a noun. Students pick one of each and make a silly sentence. They then copy it and illustrate in the journal at the centre. Everyone uses the same journal, which allows for the students to go back and read what the other students wrote. They really love when they get the Madame card.

Get the silly sentences here.

Sound sort



You can tell I made this one in my early teaching days just by the amount of effort I put into it. At this centre there are several mats with the letters of the alphabet. There is a corresponding container containing pictures that start with those letters. Students need to sound them out and sort them to the correct spot.

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got these, but if you search sound sort you should be able to find something similar. You might have to find an English set and then resort them according to their french words.



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