postheadericon J'ai…Qui a…? ABC

This is “I have…Who has?” for the alphabet in French. Each student gets a card. The person with the letter “A” will start. They will read what they have (“J’ai Aa”) and then read out what they are looking for (Qui a B?). The student who has “B” will then read out their card. This will continue from student to student until all cards have been read.  

If you don’t have the 26 students that you need hand out all the cards, you can either give some students multiple cards, or you can be part of the game and have all the extra cards yourself.

I have included the cards for the alphabet in order, mixed up, and for matching uppercase and lowercase.

Click the images below to download the files

I have you have mix alphabet
Mixed up alphabet
I have you have lower and uppercase match

Matching lowercase and uppercase


I have you have alphabet

Alphabet in order

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