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I usually pull this math center out around Easter time. You can find those plastic eggs everywhere. The kids really love this centre cause they get to crack the eggs open. 

For this centre you need a dozen plastic eggs, some small objects (I use easter themed mini erasers), and the recording sheet. Each egg is labeled with a letter so the students know where to record their findings. I like to put everything in an egg carton just to make it look more authentic.

This centre is easy. Students pick an egg and crack it open. They dump out the contents and count. They then find the corresponding egg (using the letters) on their recording sheet, and write down the number of objects in that egg. All they are doing is counting and recording over and over, but they love it because they get to crack open an egg.

When I introduce this centre, we talk about how it is important to clean up the egg you just counted before you crack open a new egg.


You don’t have to use eggs for this activity.  Any container will do. I have another centre where I use different small objects in those small ziplock reusable containers. 


counting eggs

counting cups

Get the egg recording sheet here and the counting cup recording sheet here.

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