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postheadericon Pocket chart reading centre

I love our pocket chart centre. For the first half of the year we had activities that focused on letters. Students would sort letters by uppercase and lowercase, straight lines and curvy lines, above the line and below the line, and whose name had the target letter in it. 

Now we are working on sight words. One of the best ways to do this is to use the books that they are reading in class. So here are the steps to making your reading pocket chart centre.

Step 1: Photocopy one of the class readers.


I originally stared with level A readers and add harder ones as I introduce them into my guided reading.

Step 2: Cut words out and tape to the picture.


You want to condense each part down to one page.

Step 3:Write out the text on a sentence strip


I write each sentence in a different colour. I also trace around the edges of the picture in the same colour. That way if they drop any of the words, they know what picture it goes along with,

Step 4: Cut up the sentence strip and place in ziploc bag with picture


Each picture will have its own bag. So in this bag it is the red picture with the red words. Other pages will be different colours. This is the best way I can think of keeping it organized and not getting everything mixed up.

Step 5: Put in the centre



I put each book in a different pouch. Students pick the book they want and do each page one by one. They remove the words but keep the picture in the bag (that way they don’t lose the bag). They put everything up on the pocket chart and use the words to make the sentence on the page. When they finish they go onto the next page. The books I used it didn’t matter what order the pages were in, as they made sense in any order. With higher level books you might need to write numbers on them to show the order of the pages.

We do a whole lesson on how to use the centre, and most importantly how to put it away. It works pretty well for keeping them organized, and the rare time things get all mixed up it is really easy to fix by just matching the colours.

postheadericon More literacy centres

We are now nearing the end of the year, which means the students can do a lot more. I always find it so amazing that they come in not knowing the french language at all and by the end of the year they can speak, read and write in French.  Our literacy centres are now focusing more on sight words than letters and sounds.

Write, Stamp and Decorate


Students will pick a sight word and then they will write it, stamp it, and then decorate it (write it again using different colours).

Get this activity here.

Sight word Hockey


I got this box at Christmas time. It was filled with candy cane shaped as hockey sticks. I cut out the goalie net and wrote down sight words on all those bottle tops I have been saving over the years. Student pick a word, say it out loud and try to make a goal. This one is a big hit.

Silly Sentences


I originally got these vocabulary cards from here, and I translated them to french. Students have 3 baskets. One with the students names, one with the five senses, and one with a noun. Students pick one of each and make a silly sentence. They then copy it and illustrate in the journal at the centre. Everyone uses the same journal, which allows for the students to go back and read what the other students wrote. They really love when they get the Madame card.

Get the silly sentences here.

Sound sort



You can tell I made this one in my early teaching days just by the amount of effort I put into it. At this centre there are several mats with the letters of the alphabet. There is a corresponding container containing pictures that start with those letters. Students need to sound them out and sort them to the correct spot.

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got these, but if you search sound sort you should be able to find something similar. You might have to find an English set and then resort them according to their french words.



postheadericon Winter math centres

Snowmen sets

The dollar store always has these flat foam cutouts for every thinkable season/holiday which are great for making themed centres. These ones are snowmen. On their hat I have written a number. The students use buttons (or counters if you can’t find any buttons) and make a set to match the number on the hat. The kids love this because of the fun shapes, and I didn’t have to cut out or laminate anything which is always great.


Ginger bread towers

Christmas was so crazy that I didn’t get to post my centres, so I am posting a few now. Who says you can only have ginger bread men at christmas! Each student gets a gingerbread man and take turns rolling the dice. When they roll, they cover the corresponding representation on the ginger man. They can either just cover it up with one block/counter, or they could make a tower of the number the rolled. For example if they rolled a 4, they would find the 4 on the gingerbread man and cover it with tower made out of 4 blocks. You can find this game board here. There are lots of these kinds of roll and covers for different themes if you search online.


Roll and Cover

Here are some more roll and covers. I always look in the craft section or the seasonal section in the dollar story for different things I can use for counters for these games.  For the snowman roll and cover I use cotton balls and I found these santa hats for the christmas roll and cover. I get my roll and cover mats here and here.




Race to trace- Shape edition

I got this idea after we did the race to trace game for practicing our numeral. For this game students roll a shape dice and then trace the corresponding shape. The first one to trace all the shapes is the winner. For the shape dice I used these blank foam cubes I had, and I just draw on them using a permanent marker. You could also use the large dice that you can change the faces or make paper dice. You could also have them pull shapes from a bag, or use a spinner with shapes on it.


Number Printing practice

I bought these fish bowl printers years ago from scholars choice. Students trace and practice printing a number on one side, and then on the other side they represent the number using the foam fish.


postheadericon More Math Centres

Now that the students have got the math center routine down, I have added a few more so that we now have 10 different centres. Here are the ones I have added.

Pattern Block Numbers

Students use the pattern blocks to make the numerals. I got the numeral cards here.


Pattern Block Pictures

Similar to the above centre, students use pattern blocks to make the pictures. I have bought a few sets of these with magnetic pattern blocks, but I have also found many online. Try here, here and here.


Number Flags

This is an easy one to put together. On pipe cleaners add masking tape at the top to make a flag and write a number from 1-10 on the flag. Students then use beads to make a set corresponding to the number. I make 2 sets of flags from 1-1o, so each partner can do all 10.


Linking Numbers

Students use links (or paper clips) to match the different representations of the numbers. You could also use these cards for a memory game. Get the cards here and here.



We are starting patterning next week so I will replace some of my dice games with pattern centres next week.

postheadericon French Mini Offices

Awhile ago I came across these awesome mini offices at the Busy Teacher Cafe.  However since they were English I couldn’t use them. After searching far and wide for a french version, I decided to make one of my own!

Just like the Busy teacher mini offices I use two letter size file folders to make the mini offices. This gives you 6 panels to fill.

I originally made these mini offices for grade 2. They used them mainly to make sure that the high frequency words were spelled correctly in their writing. However since I moved to Kindergarten I tried them out closer to the end of the year and they absolutely loved them! It really opened up them writing and they wrote so much more. I will definitely give them out earlier in the year next year.

I have include the word wall as a pdf, but also as a word document of you ant to tailor it to your students needs.


Click here to for the French Mini office . 

mini office 3 mini office 2mini office 1

alphabetemotions mini office

 Click here for version of the mini office for black and white printers.(You will need to fill in the colour words colours yourself. Perfect when you have black and white photocopiers).

word wall

Click here for the French word wall for the mini office (pdf).

Click here for the French word wall for the mini office (word).