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postheadericon Literacy centers

I’m hoping to have a post about my literacy centre set up sometime later this week (still need to take a few photos). In the mean time here are the centres we have been doing the last few weeks. 


Right now we are doing names with this centre. The kids love making their friends names. Later on we will do the same activity with sight words. First they read the name, then make it with magnetic letters, and then they write it. Get the French and English sheet here.



I’m a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, which means use the things you are doing in class as a centers. I take the printing sheets I use in class, stick them in page protectors and then they can be used over and over again with erasable markers.


I Spy Bottles

These are large water bottles filled with rice and alphabet beads I got at the craft store. Students use magnifying glasses to find the letters and trace them on a recording sheet. Again I put it in a page protector to make it reusable and to save on paper.  Get the recording sheet here.



Name Tracing

See a post about name tracing and get the tracing font here. name trace censored

Playdoh letters

For those kinaesthetic learners. Students manipulate playdoh to make upper and lower case letters. Get the letter mats here.


Letter mazes

Students circle upper and lowercase letters to get through the maze. There is a differnt maze for each letter of the alphabet. Get them here



Play centres

I have a few play centres going on. These are great for oral development. This week we have the kitchen centre, puzzle centre and the puppet centre. Later in the year they will be a bit more structured but right now I am just letting them play and talk talk talk with their partner.




Reading centre

I’ve got a few chairs next to my class library. The students love browsing the books. Even though they can’t read them yet, what child doesn’t love looking at the pictures! I encourage them to talk about their books with their partner and tell them about the pictures.

postheadericon Build a word

The first time  I would do this centre I do it as a name centre. Once they become familiar with it I would switch it to a sight word centre.

This centre is laminated (or in a sheet protector) and used on a cookie sheet.

First students place a word card on top. In the middle they use magnetic letters to make the word. On the bottom they write the word with a dry erase marker.

magnetic build a word

 Click here for this centre in French

Click here for this centre in English.


postheadericon Dans mon nom….Pas dans mon nom

The first time students would do this as an activity where they would cut, sort, and glue paper letters of the alphabet as in their name or not in their name.  After I would move it to a center with letter tiles or on a cookie sheet with magnetic letters. You would need to supply them with the entire alphabet.

Students would pick a name (name cards or name sheet), and using the all the letters sort them to either “dans mon nom” or “pas dans mon nom”. Once they have sorted all the letters they pick a new name. Often I put this sheet in a centre with other letter sorting activities.

Click the image below to download this file.

dans mon noms


postheadericon Name Tracing Center

At this centre I have each child picture and name in dotted print. I have 2 names per page and I put them in a plastic sleeve. Students trace the names with a erasable marker

name trace censored

Click Here to download the tracing font.

postheadericon Name Sheet

I have this sheet at any station where students are writing or making words. This includes rainbow names, the magnetic letter center, the play-doh center and the overhead center. I always make sure to also include myself on the sheet. The students love writing their friends names.

Have students pictures and names at all name centers for easy access.

Have students pictures and names at all name centers for easy access.