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I’ve seen many different names for this game. BANG! ZUT! BOOM! I picked BOOM! but you can really call it anything you want. This is an easy set up game. All you need is a cup, a marker and something to write on. In the pictures below I used foam sticks, but I have used popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, or even paper.

Here is how you play

In the cup are your sticks (or strips of paper). Each has a letter on one end. You put them all in facing down. There are a few extra sticks that have BOOM! written on them. Students take turns picking a stick. If they can identify the letter they keep it, if they can’t they put it back. If they get a BOOM! stick they have to return ALL the sticks they have one (except the BOOM! stick or the game will go on forever). Whoever has the most sticks in the end, wins!



This is a game that the kids love and it is great because you can use it for letter and sound identification, sight word recognition and number recognition. I bet you could use it for number facts too.  I often send this game home with students as extra practice at home. Drill and kill activities can be quite tedious for students, but if you turn it into a game they are much more willing to practice.

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