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postheadericon Plus ou moins?

We have started looking at more and less in Math. For this activity you need objects of two different colours. I use my unfix blocks. I divide them up so I have multiple baskets of two different colours.  My kids sit in groups of 4, so I have one basket at each table.

Students first mark each side of the table on their paper with the two colours. Students will then take a handful of blocks. They then count and record how many they have of each colour block. I then get them to circle which one had more.




If you are using unifix blocks I suggest tell the students to not scoop up the blocks, otherwise they take way too many and the activity become too difficult. Also make sure all the blocks are broken up, or again they get way too many blocks.

plus ou moins

Get Plus ou Moins here.

postheadericon Counting eggs

I usually pull this math center out around Easter time. You can find those plastic eggs everywhere. The kids really love this centre cause they get to crack the eggs open. 

For this centre you need a dozen plastic eggs, some small objects (I use easter themed mini erasers), and the recording sheet. Each egg is labeled with a letter so the students know where to record their findings. I like to put everything in an egg carton just to make it look more authentic.

This centre is easy. Students pick an egg and crack it open. They dump out the contents and count. They then find the corresponding egg (using the letters) on their recording sheet, and write down the number of objects in that egg. All they are doing is counting and recording over and over, but they love it because they get to crack open an egg.

When I introduce this centre, we talk about how it is important to clean up the egg you just counted before you crack open a new egg.


You don’t have to use eggs for this activity.  Any container will do. I have another centre where I use different small objects in those small ziplock reusable containers. 


counting eggs

counting cups

Get the egg recording sheet here and the counting cup recording sheet here.

postheadericon Boom!

I’ve seen many different names for this game. BANG! ZUT! BOOM! I picked BOOM! but you can really call it anything you want. This is an easy set up game. All you need is a cup, a marker and something to write on. In the pictures below I used foam sticks, but I have used popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, or even paper.

Here is how you play

In the cup are your sticks (or strips of paper). Each has a letter on one end. You put them all in facing down. There are a few extra sticks that have BOOM! written on them. Students take turns picking a stick. If they can identify the letter they keep it, if they can’t they put it back. If they get a BOOM! stick they have to return ALL the sticks they have one (except the BOOM! stick or the game will go on forever). Whoever has the most sticks in the end, wins!



This is a game that the kids love and it is great because you can use it for letter and sound identification, sight word recognition and number recognition. I bet you could use it for number facts too.  I often send this game home with students as extra practice at home. Drill and kill activities can be quite tedious for students, but if you turn it into a game they are much more willing to practice.

postheadericon Shape Mittens

I have these plain foam cubes that I use as dice. I just draw on with sharpie marker what I want. For this activity I have made some shape dice. You could also use the dice that have the clear pockets that you can slide in cards into make customized dice. 

Students each have a sheet. They take turn rolling the dice and place a counter on the matching shape mitten. First one to fill their whole sheet wins.

shape mittens

Get the shape mitten here.

postheadericon Name Tracing Center

At this centre I have each child picture and name in dotted print. I have 2 names per page and I put them in a plastic sleeve. Students trace the names with a erasable marker

name trace censored

Click Here to download the tracing font.

postheadericon Name Sheet

I have this sheet at any station where students are writing or making words. This includes rainbow names, the magnetic letter center, the play-doh center and the overhead center. I always make sure to also include myself on the sheet. The students love writing their friends names.

Have students pictures and names at all name centers for easy access.

Have students pictures and names at all name centers for easy access.