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postheadericon French Mini Offices

Awhile ago I came across these awesome mini offices at the Busy Teacher Cafe.  However since they were English I couldn’t use them. After searching far and wide for a french version, I decided to make one of my own!

Just like the Busy teacher mini offices I use two letter size file folders to make the mini offices. This gives you 6 panels to fill.

I originally made these mini offices for grade 2. They used them mainly to make sure that the high frequency words were spelled correctly in their writing. However since I moved to Kindergarten I tried them out closer to the end of the year and they absolutely loved them! It really opened up them writing and they wrote so much more. I will definitely give them out earlier in the year next year.

I have include the word wall as a pdf, but also as a word document of you ant to tailor it to your students needs.


Click here to for the French Mini office . 

mini office 3 mini office 2mini office 1

alphabetemotions mini office

 Click here for version of the mini office for black and white printers.(You will need to fill in the colour words colours yourself. Perfect when you have black and white photocopiers).

word wall

Click here for the French word wall for the mini office (pdf).

Click here for the French word wall for the mini office (word).