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postheadericon Mini offices in English

Earlier I posted my French mini offices. I’ve decided to post them in English.

I use 2 manilla file folders, taped together to make six panels (see example here). I have included 5 pages for the mini offices, so you can leave one panel blank or you can add something of your own.

My wordwall is blank so that you can add the words you want depending on your students. This way several grade levels can use it.

Click here to for the English Mini office

numbers and emotions english days of the week english alphabet



Click here for version of the mini office for black and white printers.(You will need to fill in the colour words colours yourself. Perfect when you have black and white photocopiers).

blank word wall pic


Click here for the blank editable word wall for the mini office (word).


postheadericon Number representations

I have this table printed out and laminated in all my math centres. It is also on my mini offices.

Click the image below to download number representation table

number representations