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postheadericon Roll a word

I got this centre from Learning with Mrs Parker. It is in English, but it is editable so you can change it to French. I actually start this as an Alphabet centre first and then change to a sight word centre later in the year.

Students roll a dice and practice writing their sight words in the grid depending on their roll. Since it a powerpoint you can edit you can tailor the letters/sight words to the ones your students need to work on. I pop it into a page protector so it can be used again and again. Print off two and you can make it a game: First one to fill in the whole grid wins!

For students who need more guided practice with printing you can fill in the grid with the words using either a tracing font or by writing in the words in yellow marker. Students can then trace over the letters.

roulez un mot

Click here to go check out this great resource!

postheadericon Build a word

The first time  I would do this centre I do it as a name centre. Once they become familiar with it I would switch it to a sight word centre.

This centre is laminated (or in a sheet protector) and used on a cookie sheet.

First students place a word card on top. In the middle they use magnetic letters to make the word. On the bottom they write the word with a dry erase marker.

magnetic build a word

 Click here for this centre in French

Click here for this centre in English.


postheadericon Écrivez, Tamponnez et Décorez

I got the this centre idea at the teacher blog Mrs I’s Class. First students write the sight word (from a sight word list or set of cards). Then students use stamps to stamp out the sight words.  Last of all the decorate the word (write in rainbow colours, circle the letters, how ever they choose).


write stamp decorate

Note: I know the “E” in “Écrivez” is missing an accent, but the font I used didn’t have accents. I just add it in by hand.

Click the image below to download this file

build a word


postheadericon Dans mon nom….Pas dans mon nom

The first time students would do this as an activity where they would cut, sort, and glue paper letters of the alphabet as in their name or not in their name.  After I would move it to a center with letter tiles or on a cookie sheet with magnetic letters. You would need to supply them with the entire alphabet.

Students would pick a name (name cards or name sheet), and using the all the letters sort them to either “dans mon nom” or “pas dans mon nom”. Once they have sorted all the letters they pick a new name. Often I put this sheet in a centre with other letter sorting activities.

Click the image below to download this file.

dans mon noms


postheadericon J'ai…Qui a…? ABC

This is “I have…Who has?” for the alphabet in French. Each student gets a card. The person with the letter “A” will start. They will read what they have (“J’ai Aa”) and then read out what they are looking for (Qui a B?). The student who has “B” will then read out their card. This will continue from student to student until all cards have been read.  

If you don’t have the 26 students that you need hand out all the cards, you can either give some students multiple cards, or you can be part of the game and have all the extra cards yourself.

I have included the cards for the alphabet in order, mixed up, and for matching uppercase and lowercase.

Click the images below to download the files

I have you have mix alphabet
Mixed up alphabet
I have you have lower and uppercase match

Matching lowercase and uppercase


I have you have alphabet

Alphabet in order

postheadericon Name plates

Every year I spend way too much money on name plates for my students, and they never have exactly what I want. So I decided to make my own. Each name plate has the alphabet in lower and uppercase as well as a number line. I have included one with a number line from 1-10 and one from 1-20. I print on card stock and laminate for durability. 

Click the images below to download the name plates

name plate 1 to 10

Name plate 1-10


Primary name plate 1-20

Primary name plate 1-20



postheadericon Shape Mittens

I have these plain foam cubes that I use as dice. I just draw on with sharpie marker what I want. For this activity I have made some shape dice. You could also use the dice that have the clear pockets that you can slide in cards into make customized dice. 

Students each have a sheet. They take turn rolling the dice and place a counter on the matching shape mitten. First one to fill their whole sheet wins.

shape mittens

Get the shape mitten here.

postheadericon Shape Mats

I got these shape mats here and edited them so the shape words were French. Students use playdoh too fill in the shapes.


Click to download the triangle and circle mat.

Click to download square and rectangle mat

Click here to download the oval and star mat

Click here to download the heart and rhombus mat